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[Comic] Why Implement Project Work?

STUDENTS SKETCHPAD by En & Hou - At MOE HQ... - Uh-oh. - Singaporeans can't work together. What can I do? - Implement Project Work!
By giving vague objectives and limited creative boundaries, students will be forced to circumvent these guidelines to give insipid discoveries! - Take for example 'New Persepctives'. - This is not 'Forced gay sex', but 'Creative expressionism'! - Creative!
This is not 'office brutailty', but 'female enpowerment'! - Enpowered! - 'Suicide'? Bah! This is an 'inspired de-stressing method'! - De-stress!
Your staff is destressed, enpowered and expressive! You have a 'Great Office'! - Using the skills of Project Work, I have solved all your problems! - Mmm...I have a 'Great Office'.

“New perspectives” was an actual 2005 Project Work question.

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The Evil SCGS Girl

Dedicated to a certain person… You know who 🙂


I am the evil SCGS GIRL!
BEHOLD! My ability to attract ACS boys! - Sing ACS 4eva more...Sing ACS 4eva...
I really luv money... - Mr. Monopoly - Man...She's hot.
Alright Evil SCGS Girl, I am pissed with you! - Why...You break my heart.
I spent all my money on Gucci, Ipods and LV, and you still say that I am not your type. - I'm HURT...
Ever since I was a child...I had my material needs not met. They OUTCASTED me and made fun of me when I didn't have...a barbie doll... - Now, all I want is you to DO EVERYTHING I say!
But said...Well...There is only one way...We have to break up... - Boo Hoo...
I'm sorry...I can't afford you...We will have to part...I dump you. - WHAT? NOOOOOO!
This has never happened before! - You...You...DIE...
Diablo - Kawaii - Hiroshima 1945 - A Pretty Flower!
You don't want to mess with me... - AC Rugger - RJ Swimmer - DragonBall
Armies of Darkness - Sauron is my master, she is my girlfriend. - You are dead - Oh F***.
That's how I got over him...Sigh...I do love him so.

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2011 Prelim Papers Are Up!

’nuff said. The directory permissions preventing people from downloading the files have been rectified. If a password is needed, try ‘wunderglaube’…

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The pixel art below is from “king of pixels” eBoy! Cool shit!


Raffles Economic Forum 2011

“Economy is the method by which we prepare today to afford the improvements of tomorrow.” Over the past century, as Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the United States, has rightfully pointed out, economics has become a very vital tool in our society, and in recent years, the rise of Asia has become, and still is, a topic much discussed.

Once labeled the White Man’s burden, Asia is now a force to be reckoned with, both politically and economically. Some even argue that Asian powers such as India and China will eventually come to dominate the global political arena in the coming century. Indeed, the economic recession in 2008, coupled with Asia’s persistent and outstanding economic growth in recent years, has sparked off much debate over US dominance into the 21st century.

Is Asia indeed on the rise, and is this even a zero-sum game to begin with? As a crossroad between the East and the West, how should Singapore manage and capitalize on these opportunities presented to Asia? Let the Raffles Economic Forum answer these questions for us!

Event Details

Raffles Economic Forum 2011

9 July 2011 (Saturday)

Venue: Raffles Institution

Theme: The Rise of Asia

Guest-of-honour: Professor Kishore Mahbubani (Dean of the LKY School of Public Policy)



0900 Registration

0930 Opening Ceremony

1000 Keynote Lecture: The Rise of Asia

1100 Lecture: The Economic Recession

1200 Lunch

1330 Panel Discussion: The Rise of China, Promise or Peril?

1500 Debates Showcase: Should Singapore welcome the rise of China and India?

1630 Closing Ceremony


Sign-up Details

Interested participants should provide the following details by 27 May 2011:

1) Name

2) Class/School

3) NRIC no.

4) Dietary requirements

5) Contact number

6) E-mail address


Interested applicants should send the sign-up details to this email ( by the stated deadline. It was also decided that applicants would be interested to note this event is recognized in the RD, under the Cognitive domain.