RTV Return to Vendor Codes

RTV Red: file a claim with the manufacturer for the product, throw the product away and the manufacturer credits us for it. Needless to say, RTV Red items are very small.

RTV Yellow: send the product back to the manufacturer, who credits us for it. Most RTV Yellow items are disassembled at the manufacturer and the usable parts are recovered.

RTV Green: send the product back to the manufacturer, who fixes it and sends it back to us. If you’ve ever gone to the HD paint desk and seen all the reconditioned paint sprayers, or the lawn mowers in the garden department, you’ve seen RTV Green in action. This is a bit like Soylent Green, but you don’t have to wait for Tuesday to get it.


All of Me

John Legend - All of Me     


I struggle with perception
I can’t tell what’s false and what’s true
But then again I’ve never had a clue
All along you were just a conception
Someone I created
Someone I needed
To prove myself to
Something I could never do
Sometimes you had the face of others
Of my sisters and brothers
Of my fathers and mothers

At first you were my guide
Teaching me things about myself I never knew
I became less scared and didn’t hide
But as I grew, so did you
Eventually I stopped and you didn’t
And you could do what I couldn’t
You pushed on and I fell behind
Never feeling like I was enough
I couldn’t be that tough
At least not in my mind

But then again I struggle
Struggle with perception
Perception of reality

Love Random

The One


Happy Birthday purpleyours! 😀 Gosh, I so, so, so miss her. D:

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My First Bitcoin Transaction!

I don’t know what all those long integers mean, but money is flowing! 😀

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How Tanglin Halt Got Its Name

When the British first started to expand out in Singapore, they were very unused to the heat and humidity (which is why their soldiers used to wear shorts).

The story goes that one fine day, a group of surveyors was surveying the land around the region now known as ‘Tanglin Halt’. In those days, the area was a secondary forest with thick undergrowth and Nipa palms.

This intrepid group of British surveyors went hacking their way through, carrying theodolites, compasses, binoculars, and other tools of their trade. The hot, humid weather soon took a toll on them and they began to curse the “d@mned tanglin’ branches” that hindered movement, got tangled with their equipment, and ripped their clothes. Eventually, the lead surveyor let out a blasted oath that caused the local earth diety to tremble in his shrine and exclaimed to his fellow-surveyors that “Crikey, too much blasted tanglin’, let’s halt!” and they stopped and sat down for some tea and digestives.

Among their number was the obligatory translator whose name has now been lost to history. Being not a very proficient speaker of English, he presumed that they had decided to name the place Tanglin Halt and so it went down in his map.

In short, the leader of the team protested upon seeing the unauthorized name on the maps (he wanted to call it Tuppence, because that was the value the thorns took off his breeches) but the Chief Surveyor liked Tanglin Halt better and overruled him.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the story of how Tanglin Halt became known as Tanglin Halt.


Mid-Year Recap – Kiva Loans


500 loans! Next milestone at 1k! Chiong ah!

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Hurt ):

Perhaps talking about bi-curiosity might be pushing the boundaries of comfortable conversational topics. But what hurts the most is that she is accusing me of ‘taking advantage of her ignorance’. Like seriously, she thinks Fun Run is a sex game or something?

Chins up, Brian. Some people are just not worth your time and energy (:

Hurt Again


On another note, the haze just hit 401 just as we wrapping up our rehearsal for the Talent Showcase. The view from The Plaza on Beach Road at 11.15am on June 21, 2013.


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Best SMU Confession

Today is my daughter’s birthday. Yes you heard me. I’m not kidding you. I am a Singapore citizen, 25 years of age, an SMU graduate from the class of 2013… and I made a baby. Exactly 6 years ago, Little J came into the world. Boy, it has been the craziest 6 years of my life.

Back in my school days, I made a costly mistake. Without intending to, I made a senior girl pregnant. At that time, Big J had already graduated and was waiting for university while I was still in school. Big J and I were both hot-blooded teenagers, fascinated with each other’s bodies and without a care for the world. When the news came, our worlds turned upside down. Our relationship even turned sour, and there was a lot of blaming each other and hard feelings.

I started out being unable to accept the truth, being angry with the whole world and blaming every one for my misery. However, I still had to do something about the baby. So, the arrangement was that Big J’s family, being extremely wealthy and generous, would hire caretakers to take care of Little J until after my NS. Then, I would officially take over and be responsible to bring her up and provide for her. Unwilling as I was, I did not wish to let a child be denied of care from a biological parents. I know that kind of pain because my father left my family.

The kid was a constant reminder of my mistake, each time I set my eyes upon her. During my university days, taking care of her was crazy. Caring for a child is extremely effortful meticulous work that requires a hell lot of time and attention. I had to learn all the nitty gritty things parents identify with, often getting my hands busy and dirty. I was often impatient with her for “learning too slowly” or “causing trouble for nothing”, but it was not her fault. I had spells of bad temper and was always irritable. It was difficult. I studied at SMU while I worked part time in town because I received little support from a family that is financially tight. Having a babysitter helps a lot but it’s far from enough for a child’s needs, and not to mention it’s expensive. The rest of my time and space was pretty much devoted to Little J. You just can’t go away from a child for too long, a parent’s absence severely affects her growth and well-being. I had to give up a lot of the stuff you guys do – freshmen camps, CCAs, OCSPs, hanging out with friends, partying etcetera. It felt painful to be punished as an adult for one dumb mistake you made when you were a teenager… and live with that punishment forever.

However, there came some turning points and defining moments. Thank God for these things, otherwise I would be the worst person on Earth. Those were times I realized the joy of being a father, discovered my soft side with her help, and grew to love her more and more:

1) When she learnt her first words after blabbering baby talk for so long.
2) When she called me “papa”
3) When she could finally finish a conversation with me
4) When she learnt how to stand up and walk on her own
5) When she injured herself and ran into my arms for comfort
6) When she was awarded the most outstanding student in pre-school
7) When she showed great character and stuck by her little friend who was being laughed at and bullied
8) When she wrote me an essay about her family and I was the “hero” in the story
9) When she caught a rare breed of flu and spent a week in hospital, making me the most anxious person I’ve ever been
10) When she folded a paper heart for me, as a Fathers’ Day gift.
11) When she was happy, bouncing around and just being herself
12) When she waited at the door, waiting for me to come home to tell me something

And with that, Little J helped me change to become more patient, tender-loving, thoughtful, down to earth and responsible.

Time flies. I can’t believe Little J will enroll in primary school real soon. Today, I am a proud father of a lovely girl who loves to help others and go to church. I also very unbelievably secured a well-paying job (too good for someone with sub 3 GPA) that could give me a lot of financial assurance and allow me to do what I love. Even better, Little J will have both her biological parents because Big J and I are now engaged. I don’t know exactly how it happened, but somehow we only fell in love after the birth of Little J. Oh by the way, she graduated from SMU too. Hey man, I honestly feel like the luckiest man on Earth.

What I have got to say to you who are reading this? If you screw up, no doubt you have to bear the consequences. But it is not the end of the world. Be responsible and learn from mistakes. You never know where it brings you, or who you become. To those who are sad with low GPAs, or feel that life is really tough on you, or face the situation with a child made by accident, I hope my story encourages you. Fight on, rock on, you guys can do it if I can do it. God bless you.

Yours sincerely,
Your SMU Senior

Love Random

Oh Just Random

I have this theory that the more important and intimate the emotion, the fewer the words are required to express it. For instance, in dating-

“Will you go out with me?” Six words.

“I think I care for you.” Five words.

“You matter to me.” Four words.

“I love you.” Three words.

“Marry me.” Two words.

So what’s left? What’s the most important and intimate word you can ever say to somebody?

It’s “goodbye.”

— J. Michael Straczynski


Zero! Zilch! Nada!

This post exists solely because I shudder at the absence of posts on the nerve-wrecking month of February.

I have nothing much to add.