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FreedomPop To-do List

OTT App/Server side => Got rid of main checkout page in flow, replaced with CashPaymentMethod in API call,
Now replacing that with updated PaymentMethod which can be converted to Credit Card with pass through checkout page -> Added the logic so it can be used with our existing mobile checkout page.
Created mobile version of International Plans pages – user either orders directly if they have a credit card payment method, or redirected to checkout page.
Some tweaks on slide-in display of plans.

Page embedded into WebView instead of kicking user out into browser (mainly because ‘finish’ button can send user back into app instead of leaving user in browser.

Messaging App => Updated token refresh logic in several places, including when sending SMS.

* Merging token refresh logic from Messaging app into OTT for release
* Then merging International stuff into Messaging app.
* Mobilizing regular dataplan pages.
* BYOD web-view funnel, similar to activate funnel.

Uber – delayed to late January. They want payment as part of the process (no free).

Actually in discussions to launch in UK.

Investors coming in this week:
Roshi Mikatana – Coming from Japan. (3rd richest man in Japan)
He has 2 other guys Thursday/Friday.
Guy that just came just bought Vibr ($900 Million)
VP from Sprint coming tomorrow – Wants to do a technical deep-dive to see if there is synergy with Sprint.

– Want to see conversion engine.
– Free users not using enough to go over. Upsell them via SMS to add rollover
– Fres users that are using enough: upsell higher data plan

Charging for porting/number changes.

WMI Calling/Premium voice service for $9.99, includes REAL MMS (carriers charge 5c/message)
WMI – Outgoing calls – on low-quality connection, route call through Sprint’s mobile connection (Sprint charges 1c/minute)
– Incoming calls – more complicated, difficult to tell what connection quality the app has.

LOL Oh Shit!

The Online Pregnancy Test Kit

Companies Know You Are Pregnant… Before You Do.

One day companies might know you better than you know yourself.

It has already happened – Target is able to identify 25 products that can accurately ascertain if you are pregnant or not – and send you coupons before you even need them.

When you get a membership card from Target, they are not offering you discounts for free – they seek to link your real world purchases (credit cards used) with your online impulse buys. Some even sell or ‘exchange’ your anonymized information with so-called data brokers. However, research has shown that such anonymized info can pretty much identify a specific person with great accuracy.

One day, such tracking will be so pervasive and invasive that we will wonder if there was ever a notion of privacy.

Oh Shit!

30% Airbnb Tax

What the hell.


Beginning January 1, 2015, Airbnb is required to withhold 30% on all payouts from US listings hosted by W8-BEN taxpayers and remit the funds directly to the Internal Revenue Service. Airbnb will report the total amount withheld and earnings to you on a Form 1042-S.

Will this affect reservations that I’ve already accepted? Yes. Any reservation that has a payout on or after January 1, 2015, will have 30% withheld.
What if I have other listings that are not in the US? The 30% withholding applies only to payouts from listings located in the US.
Can I cancel future reservations at my US listing(s)? Yes. Cancellations due to this will not be penalized. Please use this link to contact us so we can help rebook your guests.
The Airbnb Team
Love Oh Shit!

Bleeding Love

This is so surreal yet surprising. Who would have known?


A SINGAPOREAN man at the center of a bribery scandal related to a naval helicopter contract pleaded guilty Friday, April 15, to an amended corruption charge that also cleared European aerospace giant EADS.
Eng Heng Chiaw, 46, was sentenced by a subordinate court judge to eight weeks in jail for the offence. Five years is the maximum possible sentence.

The new charge sheet accused Eng of offering S$500,000 to an executive of Singapore’s Defence Science and Technology Agency, Sin Boon Wah, in exchange for information on tender bids in a defence ministry contract for the naval helicopters.

The amended charge dropped any reference to the Europoean Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS), which had consistently denied any association with Eng and links with the bribery.

The new charge said Eng was making the offer “in relation to his principal’s affairs”, without identifying the entity he was prying the information for.

The original charge sheet obtained by AFP on February 23 said Eng had wanted the information “about the price offered by the competitor in a naval helicopter project so that a company, European Aeronautic Defence and Space (EADS) SEA P/L, could price its offer to secure the said project.”

The government contract for six naval helicopters was eventually awarded to Sikorsky Aircraft of the United States.

“We have always maintained that this charge had nothing to do with us. The fact that our name was removed from the charge sheet basically holds this true,” EADS spokesman Moses Wong told AFP.

EADS, which is partly owned by the French government, has suggested the case had been “manipulated” to damage the company’s reputation, without elaborating on who was behind it.

Eng’s lawyer, Shashi Nathan, said his client had acted alone in making the bribery offer.

“It was always in our position that he (Eng) went on a frolic of his own, rather than trying to help a third party,” Nathan told reporters after the sentencing.

Nathan, in his mitigation plea to the court earlier Friday, said Eng had made the offer “out of mischief”, and that his client had no financial backing.

“I urge the court to recognise that this was an empty offer with no value, no consequence,” he said,

Judge Tan Poon Khai said sentencing Eng to imprisonment “sends a strong signal that corruption in any way or form can’t be tolerated.”

Finance Oh Shit!

PayPal Limits Account Access

Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing PayPal for your online payments. As our valued
customer, our priority is to keep you secure when transacting with us.

Our security measures are also in line with requirements from the Monetary
Authority of Singapore (MAS) to reduce risks of money laundering and
terrorist financing. The measures we’ve put in place include collecting and
confirming additional information about our customers before their PayPal
account reaches a total transaction value of SGD 7,500.

We noticed that you’re reaching this amount and would need you to provide
some documents so that you can continue using your PayPal account
uninterrupted. Don’t worry, we’ll keep your information secure and will not
share it with any third party.

Here are the documents we need:

• A legible copy of a government issued identification document such as
NRIC, Driving
Licence or Passport that is still valid

(Note: Name on identification document must match the name on your PayPal
account); and

• Proof of address document such as the back copy of your NRIC card, a copy
of a utility bill, bank or credit card statement in your name.

A few things to note:
– Name and address on your document must match those on your PayPal account
– If you choose to provide document such as a copy of a utility bill, bank
or credit card statement as your proof of address, the document must be
dated within the last 6 months

Here’s how to submit your documents…

Option 1:
• Log in to your PayPal account
• Go to Resolutions Centre and follow the instructions on how to upload
your documents

(Note: There is a 1.28 MB size limit for each document, and the maximum
size for all documents is 5 MB)

Option 2:
• Fax your documents to (65) 6510-4576 Attn: Compliance Department. Please
state your email address and case number on each fax sheet when faxing the

Please help us comply with this regulatory requirement and submit your
documents within 14 days from the date you receive this email. If you have
any problem submitting them or have questions about this requirement, you
can refer to our online FAQ for details. Alternatively, you may contact our
Customer Service agents at (65) 6510-4650 or email us at

We appreciate your co-operation and thank you for your support.

Case ID: PP-001-XXX-761-XXX

PayPal Compliance Department

Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you
will not receive a response. For assistance, log in to your PayPal account
and click the Help link located in the top right corner of any page. If
your inquiry is regarding a claim, log in to your PayPal account and go to
the Resolution Centre.
Copyright© 2013 PayPal Inc. All rights reserved.

College Oh Shit!

I’m Sorry, NTU.


College Oh Shit!

Tears of Sadness for Yale-NUS Rejection

May 8, 2013

Dear Brian,

The Yale-NUS Admissions Committee has completed its evaluation of candidates in this round of admission, and I am genuinely sorry that we are not able to offer you a place at the College.

I realize that this decision may come as a disappointment. I also hope you will understand that this decision reflects only the extraordinary range of talents represented in our applicant pool, not a judgment of your own abilities or potential. Of the thousands of students who applied to Yale-NUS, most are fully capable of doing outstanding work and making unique contributions in a college or university community.

You may be tempted to ask what was lacking in your application. In truth, it is usually difficult for us to point to obvious weaknesses when so many applicants have demonstrated real achievement and potential for the future. Our decisions say far more about the small number of spaces available and the difficult choices we make than they do about a candidate’s personal and academic promise.

While regretting that we were not able to respond positively to your interest in Yale-NUS, I want to wish you every success in your educational pursuits.



Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid


……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
……….”…………. _.·´

Seriously, I don’t give a fuck, flying or not.

Finance Hacking News Oh Shit!

No More Kiva Donations in Singapore

It sucks that PayPal users like me can’t use my funds to lend to people who need it more than I do.

Dear Brian,
We regret to inform you that as PayPal Pte Ltd does not have a remittance license, payments from PayPal users in Singapore to Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) and charities registered outside of Singapore have been discontinued from 31 March 2013. As such, the payment that you’ve recently sent to Kiva has been reversed, and the money will be returned to your credit card or PayPal balance depending on your payment method.We would like to reassure you that PayPal users in Singapore will continue to be able to support locally-registered NPOs and charities. Our users in Singapore will still be able to use PayPal for faster, safer commercial transactions for purchases of goods and services online and on their mobile devices.
In light of the recent changes in our service to our users in Singapore, we have created a webpage to address concerns and questions you may have at: You can also contact our customer support team by logging into your PayPal account and clicking on ‘contact us’ at the bottom of the page.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. We thank you for your ongoing support and will continue to enable secure commerce anytime, anywhere and any way.

The PayPal Team

Here’s my Kiva progress thus far!
Not too shabby contribution towards the Carnegie Mellon Kiva team 😀 From 4th place to sitting pretty at 2nd now! 😀

Love Oh Shit!

Signs One Is In Love

  • Every time someone mentions their name — even if you have no idea what they are talking about — your ears perk up and you immediately tune out whoever you’re listening to to eavesdrop on that conversation.
  • You have, at least once, wrote your name out as it would look if you were married. You were then overwhelmed with shame, and destroyed all evidence.
  • Any time you go out with someone else on a date or to a social event, you can’t stop thinking about how much better it would be if you were there with your crush.
  • Literally everything they do is attractive, and interested, and makes you like them more. They could probably commit first degree murder and you would forgive them after a few minutes of serious reflection.
  • You are constantly tortured with the uncertainty over whether or not they ever think of you, and are pretty certain they are not even aware of your existence.
  • You have saved a few choice photos off of their Facebook for… research purposes.
  • All of your friends roll their eyes and sigh semi-audibly when they hear that you are bringing up your crush yet again.
  • People have begun starting their conversations with you by stating “No, I haven’t seen or spoken to them since we last saw each other,” just to get it out of the way.
  • You have managed to discover their old MySpace and Photobucket from highly-focused search engine creeping.
  • You start to see every couple in TV, movies, or books as being a thinly-veiled representation of the two of you. Everyone from Romeo and Juliet to Noah and Allie to Lady and The Tramp are versions of yourselves.
  • Every song reminds you of them somehow, even songs that have absolutely nothing to do with love or dating.
  • You have said their name aloud during masturbation at least once, likely several dozen times. Okay, several dozen. Ish.
  • People know not to ask you if you’re seeing anyone because the response is only going to be a deep spiral of depression and longing which ends with taking shots of whipped cream out of the can while crying.
  • You alternate between daydreaming about how lovely the world is and how many amazing things could happen to you when you least expect it, and berating yourself over being such a failure in a world that was already ugly and painful to begin with.
  • You spend several hours extra getting ready — possibly even buying new clothes — when you know that there is a chance you might see them tonight.
  • When you end up not seeing them, you contemplate suicide.
  • There is no length you won’t go to to “accidentally” run into them, even taking a route which is nearly an hour out of your way to arrive somewhere at the same time.
  • You can’t focus on work, friends, or remembering to eat regularly.
  • Your friends have begun keeping you away from situations that involve large quantities of alcohol, because they’re tired of dealing with your tearful monologues when you have a little too much to rink.

Spot on. Nice post, Charlotte Green from TC.

An aside: A new cute theme for rest of the year (I hope!) with atypical allusions to the gluttony in me. It’s a slow day at work today. :

Army Oh Shit! Random

Cyber Monday Blues

Lol. I got nothing for Cyber Monday, cos my money has been spread thin over a couple of investments, and my bank balance is a little too low for comfort, especially when I need to pay for uni apps in December.

I haven’t been feeling too well lately. I saw the MO and I got Att B and stupid Benny still say must get out of bunk and go for normal lectures and shit. Glad he’s transferred after a quarrel with MAJ Ho woohoo! I managed to get a dermatologist appt at NSC and wisdom teeth surgery at Alexandra, free courtesy of my 11B!

And I love my new old iPad! 😀 All-day battery power ftw!


College Oh Shit!

Sticky Situations

Today I went to NJC in high spirits for the Cambridge interview. Then I tried to get in by entering via the RGPS exit (hitherto unknown to me) where I got stuck. Then I tried calling NJC General Office. Skype got stuck, refused to connect. So I headed over to the covered walkway where the pleasant security guard told me to take a detour via Hillcrest. To cut to the chase, I reached NJC sweaty and in no mood for an interview.

I grabbed a milk tea with honey pearls and on the way up to the library and met 2 pretty RJC girls. Smiles were exchanged and I sat rather impatiently fiddling with my iPhone. I entered the Buzz when called upon.

The interview started out promptly with a few introductory pleasantries and questions. When it came to the math problem, I was stuck. Really bad. So bad that I half reckoned my interviewer’s last remark that “I made some progress” was more obligatory than anything else.

Grah >_< I feel like tearing my hair out now. Of course, another day, another step, let's ace that TSA this Saturday. F yeah. (=