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FreedomPop To-do List

OTT App/Server side => Got rid of main checkout page in flow, replaced with CashPaymentMethod in API call,
Now replacing that with updated PaymentMethod which can be converted to Credit Card with pass through checkout page -> Added the logic so it can be used with our existing mobile checkout page.
Created mobile version of International Plans pages – user either orders directly if they have a credit card payment method, or redirected to checkout page.
Some tweaks on slide-in display of plans.

Page embedded into WebView instead of kicking user out into browser (mainly because ‘finish’ button can send user back into app instead of leaving user in browser.

Messaging App => Updated token refresh logic in several places, including when sending SMS.

* Merging token refresh logic from Messaging app into OTT for release
* Then merging International stuff into Messaging app.
* Mobilizing regular dataplan pages.
* BYOD web-view funnel, similar to activate funnel.

Uber – delayed to late January. They want payment as part of the process (no free).

Actually in discussions to launch in UK.

Investors coming in this week:
Roshi Mikatana – Coming from Japan. (3rd richest man in Japan)
He has 2 other guys Thursday/Friday.
Guy that just came just bought Vibr ($900 Million)
VP from Sprint coming tomorrow – Wants to do a technical deep-dive to see if there is synergy with Sprint.

– Want to see conversion engine.
– Free users not using enough to go over. Upsell them via SMS to add rollover
– Fres users that are using enough: upsell higher data plan

Charging for porting/number changes.

WMI Calling/Premium voice service for $9.99, includes REAL MMS (carriers charge 5c/message)
WMI – Outgoing calls – on low-quality connection, route call through Sprint’s mobile connection (Sprint charges 1c/minute)
– Incoming calls – more complicated, difficult to tell what connection quality the app has.

College LOL

This is what debugging feels like

Charmander loves debugging

College Cool LOL

Obama Kills Kim Jung Un

Did this for my Photoshop assignment. Lol.



Pusheen’s Facebook News Feed

Pusheen and Facebook

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The Online Pregnancy Test Kit

Companies Know You Are Pregnant… Before You Do.

One day companies might know you better than you know yourself.

It has already happened – Target is able to identify 25 products that can accurately ascertain if you are pregnant or not – and send you coupons before you even need them.

When you get a membership card from Target, they are not offering you discounts for free – they seek to link your real world purchases (credit cards used) with your online impulse buys. Some even sell or ‘exchange’ your anonymized information with so-called data brokers. However, research has shown that such anonymized info can pretty much identify a specific person with great accuracy.

One day, such tracking will be so pervasive and invasive that we will wonder if there was ever a notion of privacy.



Happy to see that my idiotic comments has sparked some fury among Singaporean’s netizens.



Funny Public Clapping

Funny Public Clapping