Places to Go by August 15

Zedd ft. Foxes - Clarity     

– Koh Grill & Sushi Bar
– Ramen Keisuke Tori King
– Ramen Champion
РRamen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons
– SushiAirways Sushi Bar

– 2D1N Soju Bang
– Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ

– Mookata Thai Steamboat
– Nakhon Kitchen

4 Fingers Bonchon Crispy Chicken
– Choupinette
– Epicurious
– Five & Dime
– Group Therapy
– Kith Cafe
– La Nonna
– Nook DIY House of Pancakes
– Riders Cafe
– Sapphire @ The Jewel Box
Selfish Gene Cafe
– Spruce
Starbucks @ Rochester Park
– Strangers’ Reunion
– Strictly Pancakes
– Table Manners


– Roxy Square Ban Mian
– Two Chefs

– Carousel

– 3 Inch Sin
– Carpenter & Cook
– Dean & Deluca
– The Fabulous Baker Boy
– Tiong Bahru Bakery
– Tuxedo Cafe
– Wimbly Lu

Food Love

A Gastronomical Hangover

Ugh. Yesterday’s amazing culinary experience has certainly gotten into me. I spent the better part of the hours pre-lunch (in work, I believe that a typical work day has 3 periods – prelunch, lunch and postlunch.)

Prelunch – conversing with people in the same room any interesting stuff that happened from previous-end-of-work-day till then, Facebook, 9gag, some surreptitious Wikipedia surfing and as lunch draws closer, decisions on where to eat

Lunch – ’nuff said. Minimum 2 hours.

Postlunch Рwaltz in to  air-con room so full that brain and eye shut down, wake up to see time, check 9gag for new posts, more surfing, do a little bit of what-I-am-paid-to-do

Oooh it’s 5pm already?

I jest. But I spent 1 hour talking to the only person in the room that has a remote interest in sth other than math and crypto (sigh) about fine dining and cheap food places. so here goes – Salt Grill and Sky Bar, PS Cafe, La Nonna. Introduced her to SAVOUR and il Lido and she seems pretty piqued by the food fair. I guess that’s what you get when you draw a regular pay.

Food Fun Life Love

As The Year Ends

Pink - Try     

Hey there Blog! Been a while since I last posted. The year is winding down you see…

I love the melody of the chorus! Earworm-worthy! The music video is actually quite good too, full of synchronized energy and rhythm. And Pink sings with so much emotion in this one live performance!

Where there is desire
There is gonna be a flame
Where there is a flame
Someone’s bound to get burned
But just because it burns
Doesn’t mean you’re gonna die

I dislike the try, try, try chant though. Super irritating esp the last part. I think they should repeat the chorus 2x at the end instead of the try, try, try, by, by, by shit heh.


I went TWG with JC friends. Treated them because of um, some stuff I shouldnt say here haha. Anyway, I was trying to pretend to be atas for the day, since I’m pretty notorious in JC for scrimping too much. Lol this reminded me of the time when Renyong and me were at RJ’s canteen to satisfy some post-H3 hunger pangs. Since we didnt want to gorge ourselves, I suggested buy a bowl of noodles then add noodles for $3 only. He gamely asked for another bowl and the noodle auntie was like wtf lol. Epic expression. Then we proceeded to the table for some bro-to-bro talk lol. Funny days.

Anyway, before this I and JS was shopping for clothes. I wanted to get a light-color shirt and a belt cos my belt is already fraying so bad the black it becoming white already. We ended up taking photos of each other wearing vests, fedoras, that furry beret thing – stuff I can foresee will be left as silverfish fodder in years to come. We sort of dawdled waiting for Renyong to stroll over here from Cine, where the movies are all sold out for the day. Seriously, Christmas in a movie theatre?

The tea at TWG was fabulous as I asked the waiter for his recommendations. The Midnight Hour tea was pretty good stuff – tea with a really fruity aroma and oh-so-heavenly aftertaste. The taste lingers in your throat not the mouth btw. I almost wanted to order 1 more kettle but my card said no that moment D:

Junsheng’s Tea Chocolate Fondant arrived before my Creme Brulee. I ordered the latter cos a 4sq recommendation. Mine kinda sucked – like eating hardened condensed milk – the sweetness was too overbearing! Chocolate tasted great though! I finished off with mint macaroons – not bad. The mint was subtle but I didn’t like the texture of the macaroon. Cracked wayy too easily. Good thing the whole thing still held intact after several bites. I was half expecting it to all crumble onto the plate heh.


Renyong? He didn’t order anything but tried each of our desserts. He made quite the scene when he learnt of the prices lawl. Total bill for the hour-or-so of chit chat was $48. Reasonable for the ambience and class it exudes. What irked me is the use of smartphones at the table, and worse, not knowing when to put it down. It’s either rude or I’m super uninteresting to speak with. >;<;


So the other main thing that happened this week was a date on the eve of Xmas eve. I had lunch that day with my JC classmates at Xin Wang (right) which is kinda sad cos everyone made the effort to go all the way to Botanic Gardens. JS and I overdressed for the part, while Bojian came down in its-so-hot RJC pants. And Austin with his beach flip-flops. Real flip-flops, not slippers even lol. By the time we went to Island Creamery for a mudpie slice, I was already reserving my social energy for later. Slept really shittily for the past 2 nights as complained on Twitter. Damn MRT sleeper replacement works.

She was waiting at the MBS bowl when I arrived 30 minutes late at 4.30pm. Not good at all. I made some awkward banter about work and school, which is so way different from when I’m with familiar people. She got me some really perky coffee at Coffee Bean so that kept the adrenalin rushing for a few hours.

Then we headed to Gardens by the Bay. The more interesting conservatory was the Cloud Forest cos the Flower Dome was not as colorful as I thought – a lack of my favourite orange tulips. I was expecting a huge field of different coloured flowers actually and me and her lying down enjoying the afternoon Sun. The waterfall made for a grand entrance though. It was chilly as the water is chilled, not room temperature.

And we held hands.

2 days past and I can still remember the scene really vividly. When we held hands, there was this unspokable connection coursing through our hands. Personally, I feel it connects us on a much deeper and intimate level than a hug or a kiss. That’s just me though. There’s friendly hugs, playful kisses and casual sex. Not hand holding though. Its about as sincere as it gets. This is about as public as I can write about though, I guess I’ll continue in my Journal. Sorry Blog, but you tend to spew secrets too fast. :/

A wonderful week in a wonderful year.