Hello I am Brian!

An INFJ, I am pretty intense emotionally, adept at non-verbal communication, write better (albeit weirdly) than I speak, future-oriented, sensitive, love helping people, craves trust and safety, sometimes close up cos I need time to recharge my social mana.

I love people-watching, shopping, traveling, pampering myself, wide smiles, good food, typography, kaleidoscopical rain drops on pavement, chubby babies, long strolls, daydreaming, wind chimes, shiny things, furry stuff and most of all, love.

I’m immensely picky when it comes to books. I enjoy fiction where you can easily picture yourself in the story and immerse yourself totally in the world inside. It would come to a point where I would lie on my bed from 10pm to midnight helping the author change his story. And no, they are not fantasy books. I can’t stand fantasy books. Too many people, too many locations, too many pages with tiny text. Halfway through a fantasy book and you’ll see my flipping to the front cos I forgot who this character was, or where this place is. I have goldfish memory heh. Favorite authors include Matthew Reilly, Grisham, Lee Child, mainly crime thrillers. I love thrillers 😀


Whenever I am not pushing pixels, I enjoy trading the foreign exchange market. On rainy days, I like watching raindrops on the pavement. On sunny days, I like watching grass grow.

I don’t really like watching movies. But I’d go from time to time with friends if there is a blockbuster, must-watch flick. I like movies that make me think and introduces novel concepts to the viewer, so this includes Inception, Source Code, Memoirs of a Geisha, Hotel Rwanda. Come to think of it, I do partake in some senseless movie going, such as the horrendous Bad Teacher. That was a horrible waste of popcorn.

I like Bitcoin and have a side gig as a cryptocurrency trader.

This is something weird about me – I relate to numbers better than vague words. Hence, the aforementioned example would be me saying that “my Internet connection download speed is 29.2 Mbps” instead of stuff like “my Internet connection is quite fast”

Oh, and I am random.

Oooo, fast Internet!


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