Robinhood Stock Trading in Singapore

After months of delays and procrastination, I finally got my Robinhood account approved and running. It was never my priority since I used SCB’s Online Trading platform which has pretty much negligible fees.

I started with $1000 and after a few minutes of using the app, I have to say I like the superior execution (because of their automatic 5%-better-than-market order fill) However, the charting features seem leave much to be desired. The huge equity number makes the app seem like a gambling app than a serious trading platform.

Exploring the API to see if I can make a bridge between Interactive Brokers and Robinhood, one for charting and the latter for execution.


7 thoughts on “Robinhood Stock Trading in Singapore”

  1. Hey Brian,

    I am a Singaporean and have come across your blog, may i know how did you register for the robinhood trading account since it is only open to US citizens?


      1. I emailed robinhood support asking if i can use it with a US bank account and they stated only US residents with a valid SSN are eligible. May i know what steps you took for them to approve you?

  2. can pls advise how you managed to open a robin hood account from Singapore ? I emailed them and they said that its not available for Singapore yet.

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