Oh Shit!

30% Airbnb Tax

What the hell.


Beginning January 1, 2015, Airbnb is required to withhold 30% on all payouts from US listings hosted by W8-BEN taxpayers and remit the funds directly to the Internal Revenue Service. Airbnb will report the total amount withheld and earnings to you on a Form 1042-S.

Will this affect reservations that I’ve already accepted? Yes. Any reservation that has a payout on or after January 1, 2015, will have 30% withheld.
What if I have other listings that are not in the US? The 30% withholding applies only to payouts from listings located in the US.
Can I cancel future reservations at my US listing(s)? Yes. Cancellations due to this will not be penalized. Please use this link to contact us so we can help rebook your guests.
The Airbnb Team

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