How to get uTorrent on Google Cloud Engine

Here are the steps I used to torrent on Google App/Cloud Engine with Debian 7 as its OS.

wget --content-disposition
tar xf utserver.tar.gz
mv utorrent-server-* ~/utorrent
cd ~/utorrent
chmod +x utstart
./utstart install
./utstart start &

And you’re done!

Next, you need to open up port 8080, under the Networks tab in your console. You will be able to see your uTorrent Remote GUI at http://yourhostname:8080/gui/

Of course you want to download more than 10GB of stuff on your image. You will need to attach a secondary disk to your main VM. To this end,

mkdir /new-disk
mount -t ext2 /dev/sdb /new-disk

to mount the new disk (usually sdb)  to the new-disk endpoint.

There! Now use up your $1000 or $2000 Google credit. 😀

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