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Let’s pray the driver of the car SJQ1920E gets banned from driving, like Zhen Hao, Quek of SGK5423P.

Drivers nowadays…


RTV Return to Vendor Codes

RTV Red: file a claim with the manufacturer for the product, throw the product away and the manufacturer credits us for it. Needless to say, RTV Red items are very small.

RTV Yellow: send the product back to the manufacturer, who credits us for it. Most RTV Yellow items are disassembled at the manufacturer and the usable parts are recovered.

RTV Green: send the product back to the manufacturer, who fixes it and sends it back to us. If you’ve ever gone to the HD paint desk and seen all the reconditioned paint sprayers, or the lawn mowers in the garden department, you’ve seen RTV Green in action. This is a bit like Soylent Green, but you don’t have to wait for Tuesday to get it.


Why CMU Over Harvard/Yale/Princeton?

Because you can fail out of Carnegie Mellon. It’s well-known that once you get into Harvard, it’s very difficult to fail out.

The possibility of failure is necessary in order for an accomplishment to be valuable.

Carnegie Mellon is harsh. Built amongst the foreboding gothic towers of a once-great Steel City in the Pittsburgh climate of endless wind and rain, Carnegie Mellon (or CMU, as its grim, studious denizens call it) gives no quarter.

If you arrive as a freshman and find that the courseload or subject matter is too difficult, you will simply begin to fall behind, until you start to fail your courses, and once you fail out of too many, you will be placed on probation and eventually, you will leave. During the first year of every student, if you’re not the one who is failing out, you will inevitably know someone who does. It doesn’t happen loudly – someone you know will just… disappear. Usually after the first winter break, or some make it through the first year but don’t return for the second. Eventually you hear through the grapevine that they transferred to another school, always an easier one (not that there are harder ones). The university has no mercy. You are there to learn and study – the harsh weather and humdrum city life ensure that you do – and if you can’t keep up, you will be pitilessly and efficiently removed. Those who survive emerge stronger, hardened, capable.

Carnegie Mellon is Pittsburgh’s last steel factory.


The Truth about College and Careers



This Year Sucks Financially


Guess I need to diversify from something other than FX trading… 🙁