Working My Way

Fk yeah moola!

Other than putting a significant sum into Kiva, I’ve been hard at work doing investment work on weekends and lunch breaks.┬áLast week, they interviewed Daniel Roberts who manages the Fidelity Global Dividend Fund. This is the list of stocks he likes, which I am putting under my radar.

Kimberly Clark – US
Sanofi – France
Astellas Pharma Inc – Japan
Shimano – Japan
Reed Elsevier – Netherlands
Wolters Kluwer – Netherlands
Novartis – Swiss
Mattel – US
Unilever – US
Microsoft – US
Scor – French

Also, Jim Rogers who is based in Singapore, said in an article that he likes companies based in the business of water, agriculture, natural gas and China.

This is what I hope my income statement will look like. :D

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