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An OKCupid Date

Boy, am I really bad at this.

So it was April Fools’ and I received a bland message on OKCupid that is Hello (: After reading her profile, I thought that we might click and promptly forgave her so not well-thought-out message. I guess you can say she got me at Hello.

Long story short, we met at 7,30 at CWP Macs with me acting like a total dork, blaming the bright spotlight above me for my inability to carry a conversation. LOL. After some incoherent gestures, I sort of calmed down but was still jittery and loathe to open up. Worse, a miscom meant that we were supposed to catch the 7,40 movie instead of the 9,40 one but I was late. I really spent 25 min gulfing down my food, bathing and changing. Sucks ttm and bad impression. :

The headache part is the 1.5 hours waiting time while waiting for the movie. We dawdled around the mall before heading to Starbucks and chatting cordially.

Warm Bodies was a pretty funny, feel-good zombie rom-com and the actor playing R is drop-dead gorgeous haha. Both of us had a sudden revelation that R = Rome(o) and Julie = Juliet lol. Score. And I remembered she likes salty popcorn. Score again.

The movie ended around 11.10 and I walked her to her house and almost wanted to come in her house. Luckily I didn’t cos her mum came in 5 minutes later and an encounter with her would make for awkward conversation with both daughter and stranger.

Let’s hope today I can somehow carry myself better on my second date! ><


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