A Gastronomical Hangover

Ugh. Yesterday’s amazing culinary experience has certainly gotten into me. I spent the better part of the hours pre-lunch (in work, I believe that a typical work day has 3 periods – prelunch, lunch and postlunch.)

Prelunch – conversing with people in the same room any interesting stuff that happened from previous-end-of-work-day till then, Facebook, 9gag, some surreptitious Wikipedia surfing and as lunch draws closer, decisions on where to eat

Lunch – ’nuff said. Minimum 2 hours.

Postlunch – waltz in to  air-con room so full that brain and eye shut down, wake up to see time, check 9gag for new posts, more surfing, do a little bit of what-I-am-paid-to-do

Oooh it’s 5pm already?

I jest. But I spent 1 hour talking to the only person in the room that has a remote interest in sth other than math and crypto (sigh) about fine dining and cheap food places. so here goes – Salt Grill and Sky Bar, PS Cafe, La Nonna. Introduced her to SAVOUR and il Lido and she seems pretty piqued by the food fair. I guess that’s what you get when you draw a regular pay.

A Sunday Date with Someone Special

The plan for yesterday was casual lunch, S.E.A. Aquarium then gelato with a Qoo10 coupon.

What happened in the end: super-expensive-but-super-super-good lunch, queuing up to redeem my tickets and gelato, store-bought. And no, the Marine Life Park was a no go cos of the 2 hour waiting time. After all, it’s the last day of the school hols.

il Lido Italian Dining

The day started off quite unspectacularly when I had to rush to dress up appropriately for the semi-fine-dining lunch. There was some frantic last minute revision of fine dining etiquette in between the laundering of my shirt. (stupid dress shirts are so fking difficult to launder) Oh and the hair – it was one mushroom shaped mess cos I am trying to keep a low slope. I tried to wax it up but meh, botched job to say the least. I couldn’t be bothered to rewash and blow my hair dry again so that’ll have to do. Reminded myself to send a text to her saying I look crappy so as to lower her expectations of how I am looking. This, I surmised, was a job well executed. I indeed looked like crap. Tyvm for the compliment ><

30 minutes from bath to out-of-the-house. I sort of performed a contorted, constipated express of disgust at myself as I milled at the taxi stand to hail a cab. Half-wished that I had insufficient money in my wallet so that I don’t have to pay. Oh well, most expensive taxi ride ever. Come to think of it, I hadn’t taken a taxi for 8 years or so. And 8 years ago, that taxi trip was to the airport. Final destination – 35 dollars. I wonder how the expression roads paved with gold come about.

I picked her up at Vivocity. She was wearing a black babyface dress. That’s utterly smexy.

Conversations in the taxi was punctuated with awkward silence and smiles and laughs to make up for said silence. I really need to work on this. I somehow get all stressed up and nervous and end up behaving like a brick around her. Yes, I like her, but by golly will conversations seem more light-hearted and spirited if I think about her more as a special friend instead. Or maybe I am just more comfortable and less inhibited with guys in general. AH WELL CRAPPY ME. At least I don’t shiver or shake or stammer around her.

It was either Cassia of Chinese cuisine or il Lido of Italian cuisine. Fortunately, she was more into Italian. Which worked out great as the menu so clearly speaks:

Mushroom Cream (amuse bouche – surprise dish compliments of the chef)
Bread with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar (hors d’oeuvres)
Crispy Cod Tongue with Beetroot and Endive (antipasto)
Tagliolini with Crab and Confit Tomatoes (primo)
Wagyu Beef Cheek with Mushroom and Parsley Root (secondo with contorno)
Molten Lava Chocolate Cake with Strawberries and Balsamic (dolce)
Coffee & Tea

As a new player in the fine dining circuit, I had to steal discreet glances in her direction to see how she handle her food. Yeah, I was out of my element today. D: The last minute revision did help but what stuck most in my mind was to sit down on the chair from the left. I think the conversation spotlight for the afternoon was on her as she rattled on (in a cute way) about RRG and dining and cooking. And I feel so inclined to learn how to cook now. Hmmmmph food for thought? But yeah, fine dining on a date is so stifling. Note to self: no such stuff on future first dates if any.

The bill was pleasant until I uttered the 2 words that was like a self-punch to the sack – “my treat”. Pleasant cos it was $105 / 2 = $52 which was less than the $65 per pax I was expecting. Well, I tried consoling myself that it was one huge ass culinary experience that was worth every single cent. Tried. And I’ll be reminded of the bill when it shows up on m iBanking statement. And again when the paper statement arrives.

The rest of the day was essentially non sequitur. Finding the correct room to redeem my free RWS Invites package from Standard Chartered Bank. Walking to the UNIVERSAL Logo where she didn’t want to have a photo with me (feeling shy/awkward?) Walking along the no-fans Sentosa Boardwalk. I was melting, really. Then Vivocity to get her turquoise and orange mini camisole top. And sharing a cup of Gelateria Italia gelato – pistachio and some really chocolatey goo-dness.

What a meh postlunch indeed.

What I would give to hold  her hands as we traipse down Sentosa Boardwalk to make today extra special.

I guess there’s always another day.

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