Basket, kena pooled by Cambridge, as expected, after not hearing from them for so long via email about their decision.

This will make for a very unnerving week till 14 Jan before the Winter Pool closes and all hope of getting offers, or as TSR says, fished, from other colleges.

Winter Pool thread from TSR –

Honestly, I am actually surprised by the decision to pool me. My interview was really horrendous – the first part was a chit-chat session about my involvement in the Army and (boasting) about how I totally revolutionized the Motorised Infantry development. That part went quite well, though the 15-min convo went off-tangent and I thought I came across as pretty proud at the end of it all. The second part was an academic interview about a primary school problem which I couldn’t fathom at that point in time. My mind was a blank. So yeah, I am half-pleased with the result : Thought I’d like to ask for a foot when given an inch.

An offer! 😀

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