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What a Way to End 2012

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I spent the better part of a rainy New Year’s Eve polishing up my CommonApp and various supplements. At some point around 4.30, my mind suddenly snapped and decided to fk this shit and submit the CommonApp and my Yale supplement. I mean, every time I revise my essay, I always find something to add, a few adjectives to change. This process will take forever. So I just decided to end it once and for all.  A few clicks later, I submitted my CommonApp to Harvard and Princeton too. The supplements followed soon (Princeton’s a bitch though)

It’s OVER! OMG I am so going out tomorrow to celebrate! Perhaps it’s time to chill and open that bottle of Bailey’s. GRAH. HELL YEAH! 2013 ZOMG ZOMG. COME GET ME.

Simply, simply ecstatic.

Wait. I haven’t paid for my apps yet – that’s a bill of US$215 that I’m delaying till next month >< But who cares!


That’s a +1 to 2012, if you have read all of the above.

It’s Twenty One Three!
My new years resolution is to slim down cos relationships are like fat people – they don’t work out. And I want mine to work out. Hence I need to exercise. :/

A new year’s wish would be get into Cambridge? Cos said so and we all know the 8-ball is pretty darn accurate. 😛

Yet another wish would be to find true love? Like true love. Heh.

Oh and get loving offers and accceptances from all the unis I applied to. And perhaps win a million dollars at Toto from picking up a ticket.


Presenting to you… How to pretend to be in a relationship on Facebook (I should learn a thing or 2!)6207036_700b

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