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Keep it Simple, Stupid.

A useful rule to live by when writing CommonApp essays or college supplements. I was looking through the essays I wrote back in 2010 – they were as contrived as fragrant cow dung. Erm what?

Today, my dog had a trip to the dentist which cost $167 for some scaling and polishing. Some of it went to paying for the oxygen and the general anesthesia for the treatment :

And I received my world map from National Geographic. And I have an internal driving assessment tomorrow. And I need to return my library book soon. And I realized I have no mood to run, but I still ran and now I am feeling kinda sleepy and shitty. THEN I realized I needed to send SAT scores cos CMU didn’t receive them. And I grimaced when I saw how many SAT scores I sent to schools which I have never applied.

This is gawd-awful funny btw –

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