5 Days to RD Deadline!

Woke up this morning feeling the urge to complete the Matthew Reilly book I borrowed a few days back. One hell of a ride! He outdid himself again in this novel. Which reminds me, I should really get to watching the Jack Reacher movie.

After completing the 400page book in roughly 2.5 hours, I started on my Uni essays. Thought of a topic and drafted a letter to an imaginary study buddy. I like the first draft quite very much already. Guess I’ll spend the next few days polishing it up a bit, adding more details here and there.

The Yale supplement was surprisingly okay too! Finished the Why Yale and the short answers pretty quickly. Then it’s off to a 30 min jog to clear the mind.

Then I’m writing this.

I guess I’ll end with a quote that’s in my subconscious these few hours: –

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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