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Last Seen on WhatsApp

I always have some sort of an ‘okay-hate’ relationship with this feature on Whatsapp.

You see, I have been messaging this girl I’m pretty interested in for the past few days and worryingly, I have been keeping too much of an eye out for the 2 ticks and the last seen timestamp just below the name. My train of thought goes somewhat like this:

  1. *sends a message* – 2.42pm
  2. “oh goody 2 ticks – means she’s received it on her phone’s notification center” – a few seconds later
  3. *waiting for ‘online’ to appear* – 2.44pm
  4. “oh well, i’ll just do my stuff “- 2.46pm
  5. “hmmm no message yet, ‘last seen 2.20pm’ though” – 2.50pm
  6. *checks again* ‘last seen 2.52pm’ now – 3pm
  7. “still no reply hmmmmm nvm i’m chill” – 3.10pm
  8. now it’s last seen 3.14pm, *scrolls through history to see if i said anything wrong* – 3.25pm
  9. last seen 4.30pm, paranoia sets in. – 5pm

Ok maybe not paranoia per se lol, but this question of why the other party has seen your message but not reply you. I’ve been a culprit of this too many times after which the sender send me some variations of ‘are you ignoring me lol?’ with the lol suffix added, I suspect, to make the question sound less aggressive.

There was this thing called SMS in some technological time capsule somewhere. You didn’t know if the other party had read your message, and if they know you read their message, so you don’t feel compelled to bang out a message right away. Perhaps a little more time to consider that scathing remark, possibly more space to craft out a well thought-out message (not that SMSes were meant to be intellectual anyway, but I make it a point to not use abbr. in my SMSes, unless I get to save 5 chars or more, like tomorrow lol)

I can imagine on more than one occasion, couples quarrel over useless shit like this, on why he sees her message but chooses not to reply to her but reply to other people during that time. Or how comes always not online. Or some variation of aforementioned. Which is kinda stupid too if they break up over such insecurity hmmmmph

During the past week, this feature probably revealed my insecurity, or maybe, it’s just a personal want for other people to remain as connected to messaging as I do. Which I am probably not half the time lol. In any case, this feature is unnecessary, unhealthy and debilitating to my mental health. Your mileage may vary.

Some things are just best not known. And so here goes…


24 hours later… I enabled back again. Haha.

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