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LOL at a TSR Thread

I was trawling through TheStudentRoom and saw an amusing thread.

My boyfriend is white, tall, skinny and English. He has an English accent.

Recently, he has started saying things in bed in a weird accent. Kinda like an American black man from the ghetto.

Last night as we were getting down to it, he said:

“I’m gon’ taaaap dat”. He sounded like Snoop Dogg.

He’s said other things, like when we’re having sex he’ll go “awww yeee”, and once he said “I’m gon spank dat ass baby”.

At first I laughed because I thought it was funny and he was joking, but he KEEPS doing it and it’s really off-putting. When he talks like that, all I can picture is like famous black rappers with loadsa bling.

He NEVER talks like that outside of the bedroom. I don’t want to upset him because when we first got together his confidence in the bedroom wasn’t great.

What do I do?? Is this normal?


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