Day 1 of Black Friday

Yesterday was Black Friday and I got some retail therapy out of it.

First package to arrive after 4 hours was some electronic components from Element14 Singapore for a secret military project I’m intending to embark on, a 512MB Raspberry Pi and a wattmeter. Cost: $84.90

Later PayPal emailed me saying my $9.90 from a deal has been refunded cos the merchant went belly up.

I then bought a refurbished iPod nano for my sis cos she wanted it with the Lunatik watch strap, but I canceled it after a day after I saw the 7th gen nano with the $129 EarPods. All for $198, so I’ll prolly buy it next week at Lot 1. I also got myself/my family an iPad 3, 32GB for S$618 only!

Then it’s off to Amazon to get a Kindle Paperwhite for Ryan Nicholas and a cheap pair of earphones.

That just about round up my purchases for today.


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