Days 2 & 3 of Black Friday

Oddly enough, I don’t find any Amazon lightning offer compelling enough, though I might get this on an impulse buy.

Slow day today, I signed up for an eBates account before shopping on Zinio. Got some reads on the go with my $35 credit.

And then to to get an iPad Bluetooth keyboard as well as a screen protector. My only worry is it arriving promptly as their warehouse is all the way in US ><

Now twiddling my thumbs for Cyber Monday tomorrow 😀

Day 1 of Black Friday

Yesterday was Black Friday and I got some retail therapy out of it.

First package to arrive after 4 hours was some electronic components from Element14 Singapore for a secret military project I’m intending to embark on, a 512MB Raspberry Pi and a wattmeter. Cost: $84.90

Later PayPal emailed me saying my $9.90 from a deal has been refunded cos the merchant went belly up.

I then bought a refurbished iPod nano for my sis cos she wanted it with the Lunatik watch strap, but I canceled it after a day after I saw the 7th gen nano with the $129 EarPods. All for $198, so I’ll prolly buy it next week at Lot 1. I also got myself/my family an iPad 3, 32GB for S$618 only!

Then it’s off to Amazon to get a Kindle Paperwhite for Ryan Nicholas and a cheap pair of earphones.

That just about round up my purchases for today.


Quad Rotor UAV

I’m going to get started on my mini UAV project with Renyong. Let’s do this! 😀

Toy Safety Regulations



New or Refurbs?

I’m thinking of getting an iPad after seeing Bryant’s Clash of Clans in all its splendour lol.

Refurb iPad with WiFi 32GB costs $618, 64GB costs $728

Refurb iPad with WiFi and 3G costs $788.

New iPad with WiFi 16GB costs $658, 32GB costs $788.



Army Factions

The 4 new specs have arrived and boy, what a motley crew we have here. A month on, and I see factions forming, with Lyndon joining the Dick-holas duo, and Ryan Nicholas, Kieng Wee and Bryant joining me and Zac 🙂  RN, KW and B doesn’t like L cos L is so haughty, just like D. “He still calls us cadets” said B morosely. RN chips in helpfully, “That cheebye Lyndon…”

Wow, what a no-words-minced bunch of people. Haha.




SCB Money Market Fund – October

Ok I’m a little shocked that I all but earned a measly $0.16 for the initial capital outlay of $17k in my SCB fund. That’s like an underwhelming 0.00001% ROI.

I’m gonna call up and ask my CSO why this is so on Monday.

On an unrelated note, my stress level has gone down ever since I decided to skip EA and just apply Princeton RD. A huge decision ><