College Oh Shit!

Sticky Situations

Today I went to NJC in high spirits for the Cambridge interview. Then I tried to get in by entering via the RGPS exit (hitherto unknown to me) where I got stuck. Then I tried calling NJC General Office. Skype got stuck, refused to connect. So I headed over to the covered walkway where the pleasant security guard told me to take a detour via Hillcrest. To cut to the chase, I reached NJC sweaty and in no mood for an interview.

I grabbed a milk tea with honey pearls and on the way up to the library and met 2 pretty RJC girls. Smiles were exchanged and I sat rather impatiently fiddling with my iPhone. I entered the Buzz when called upon.

The interview started out promptly with a few introductory pleasantries and questions. When it came to the math problem, I was stuck. Really bad. So bad that I half reckoned my interviewer’s last remark that “I made some progress” was more obligatory than anything else.

Grah >_< I feel like tearing my hair out now. Of course, another day, another step, let's ace that TSA this Saturday. F yeah. (=

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