While on ADP Duty…

I was having my ADP duty and had lots of time on hand for surreptitious surfing on the interwebs. I was mainly looking to buy a solar charger, a Raspberry Pi and a Kill A Watt but ended up buying more tech stuff on the cheap.

SGD3.50 for a 4 pack of AAA RECHARGEABLE batteries? And SGD4.50 for the AA batteries? http://www.tmart.com/4pcs-BTY-2300mAh-AA-Green-NiMH-Rechargeable-Batteries_p107848.html and http://www.tmart.com/4pcs-BTY-1000mAh-12V-AAA-NiMH-Whiteblue-Rechargeable-Batteries_p108006.html

Ok that’s a 100 bucks spent today. So much for retail therapy.

Actually I was intending to start writing my college essays but decided to procrastinate and do something else. Like shop for new reads on Zinio (got a $15 credit to use) and FT.com.


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