My Domaining Journey

Getting really in the groove of the domain industry after having left it during the gold rush years of 2006-2008. Back then, I accumulated over 120 domains in various niches then sold them off in a fire sale, pocketing just above reg fee for the domains.

Now I’m back into the domain industry, domain parking to be exact. Cos I believe that’s where the money in domaining is to be made. No time spent trawling through domain aftermarkets or lurking around the drop zones for expiring domains.

I started with Sedo and NameDrive after picking up some domains with traffic. Got booted out from NameDrive for supposedly fraudulent traffic so I pointed the domains to Sedo. Seeing as these domains have thrived at Sedo since then (600 Euros so far) make me ponder over   their sudden ejection from ND.

I realized that I had a Bodis account from way back in 2007 so I dug it up and pointed my to it. ($90 so far) and 1 other future project domain. I still had which I got embroiled in trademark rift, almost.

Then I sort of diversified and when with Voodoo, DomainSponsor and AfterNic. Good revenues so far, in the mid $X,XXX.

Here’s for another good month.

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