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Urinal Penis Repulsion Theory

I like to call it the “Urinal Penis Repulsion Theory,” as it’s similar to the Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion Theory in Chemistry. When choosing a urinal, men tend to choose the one farthest away from any other men.

For example, say there’s five urinals on a wall. There are no walls between them, and they are all empty at the moment.┬áThe first man walks in, and takes the urinal to the far left. A second man comes in, sees the first, and deliberately chooses the right-most urinal so to avoid any close proximity to the first man. A third comes in and takes the center urinal, since it puts him as far as possible as the other two. The fourth and fifth men then either wait until one of the three are done or fill in the second and fourth urinals, depending how much of a rush they are in, all to stay as far away from the other penises as possible.

Which is indeed very true lol.

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