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Goh Si Yuan’s Parting Words to Alpha COY

Something I find amiss, which perhaps only affects me, but still I find necessary to speak out, is the unfair and inconsistent system sometimes.

I believe, without going into details, that actions dealt should be consistent, and when anyone else meets the same criteria for such action, it should be taken against them. Also, punishment dealt should be proportional to the offence committed, and not have a whole bunch of cadets dumped wholesale into the same pile, creating a mixpot of those with severe disciplinary issue with those wrongly accused.

Also, hearsay and vile words should only be taken with factual evidence, and drag an innocent man into a kangaroo court. It is akin to having the judge coming into proceedings already finding the plaintiff guilty, and desperately try to find evidence to charge him with. It is a system I wouldn’t be surprised to find in China or Russia.

Dishing out action without even affirming or finding any proof is something I am dissatisfied about as welll.

To conclude, such event has made me very disillusioned and stained an otherwise excellent learning time in Alpha, and has challenged my preconception that there was a hint of fairness within the command team.

Cheers for reading.

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