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The Evil SCGS Girl

Dedicated to a certain person… You know who 🙂


I am the evil SCGS GIRL!
BEHOLD! My ability to attract ACS boys! - Sing ACS 4eva more...Sing ACS 4eva...
I really luv money... - Mr. Monopoly - Man...She's hot.
Alright Evil SCGS Girl, I am pissed with you! - Why...You break my heart.
I spent all my money on Gucci, Ipods and LV, and you still say that I am not your type. - I'm HURT...
Ever since I was a child...I had my material needs not met. They OUTCASTED me and made fun of me when I didn't have...a barbie doll... - Now, all I want is you to DO EVERYTHING I say!
But said...Well...There is only one way...We have to break up... - Boo Hoo...
I'm sorry...I can't afford you...We will have to part...I dump you. - WHAT? NOOOOOO!
This has never happened before! - You...You...DIE...
Diablo - Kawaii - Hiroshima 1945 - A Pretty Flower!
You don't want to mess with me... - AC Rugger - RJ Swimmer - DragonBall
Armies of Darkness - Sauron is my master, she is my girlfriend. - You are dead - Oh F***.
That's how I got over him...Sigh...I do love him so.

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