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The Bra-Burning RGS Girl

Reposted from the Students’ Sketchpad
The Feminazic RGS Girl! - Equal rights 4 all - Dishwashing = Enslavement - Elitist? You Betcha!
I'm disraught over the male dominace of male society today! - MALES enslave us in sorts of ways by denying our rightful leadership positions in society! - *Based on a true story - Mind using my umbrella fellow student? - What? NO!
You think you can use the umbrella of enslavement on ME? I'm a strong modern Asiantic woman of today's enlightened society! - RAAAHH! - Siao Lang ah!
Hi. I'm from the boy scouts. Mind if I help? You can sign my good deed week card. - *Based on another true story - Ma'am?
Boy scouts? - Boys? Boys? BOYS? - Infantile little chauvanist! I will not let you satisfy your sick fetish of carrying my stuff! MCP! Male domination ends HERE!
NOOoooooo... - RAHH! - RAAHH! - Drive buddy drive!
Today we have gathered here to BURN BRAS! - Burn 'Em. - YEA! - *This was an legendary trend in the 60s' of America - Dump those bras into the flames! Say goodbye to the contraptions of male design!
Pile of bras - WooHoo - Brun em' all! I shall burn all my bras today! Women shall stand tall and proud today! It shall echo in the annals of history! - Yeah!
Hurrah! - This is a touching moment...
Horde of horny guys - Hey, check it out, a bunch of chicks totally ain't wearing bras, I can like totally see through everything! - What? Where? Who? OMG! OMG! Must see!
Wow, Wow, WOW! - Yeow...ROCKS!! Totally awesome! (nose-bleeds) - I must be dreamin...! - Hey RI, stop mugging, check IT out! - I've burnt all my bras...I have nothing on... - *Wolf Whistle* Sasssssy!
End already! What are YOU looking at?

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