Being a Motorised Infantry Leader

My post-Foundation Term vocation is: MOTORISED INF LDR (TRAINEE). I am booking in tomorrow, and the info herein is about the only ones you can find on the net…

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A year after the Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV) was added to the Singapore Armed Forces’ (SAF’s) arsenal in September 2009, the SAF has established a new institute to train Infantry troops to operate alongside the Terrex ICV.

Inaugurated last week, the Motorised Infantry Training Institute (MTI) will provide training and evaluation for Motorised Infantry troops.

At the inauguration and assumption of command parade at Kranji Camp II, the guest of honour, Chief of Army Major-General (MG) Chan Chun Sing, said: “Motorisation is a key effort in this evolution so as to meet the demands of operating in the modern-day urban battlefield and to enhance the combat capability of our Army.

“With the commencement of the Terrex ICV delivery in 2009, and the operationalisation of the first Motorised Infantry battalion in October this year, it is crucial that the Army builds this new capability in a holistic manner.”

He added: “MTI’s mission is to train and sustain a committed and professional urban operations-capable Motorised Infantry force.”

Headed by Senior Lieutenant Colonel (SLTC) Jimmy Toh, the MTI comprises two arms: a Motorised Infantry Battalion Training Centre (MBTC) and a Motorised Infantry Training Wing (MTW).

The MBTC, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Jeremy Koh, will train and evaluate active and operationally-ready national service (NS) Motorised Infantry battalions. It will also conduct collective unit training ranging from offensive and defensive to stabilisation operations with combined arms, integrated with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and attack helicopters.

The MTW, commanded by Major Woo Kok Hoong, will oversee specialised trade courses such as driving, gunnery and operation of the network system of the Terrex ICV. It will also conduct the Motorised Infantry Section Leader Course to train vehicle commanders for the Motorised Infantry battalions.

Given that the Terrex ICV is a new platform for the Infantry, it was a challenge for the pioneer batch of instructors at MTI to train the Motorised Infantry, said MTW Section Instructor 1st Warrant Officer Goh Cheong Young.

“Although we acquired knowledge from the Armour experts, we modified what we learnt to suit the Infantry’s requirements. We also did a lot of our own research and reading.

“To keep up with technological changes, we need to constantly review existing methods of training and develop more effective ways to train our men,” he added.

As 2nd Battalion, Singapore Infantry Regiment (2 SIR) is the first and only Motorised Infantry battalion in the SAF, the MTI has been working closely with 2 SIR to develop its training doctrines, tactics and techniques, as well as procedures of how a Motorised Infantry battalion or unit should function.

The MTI will soon embark on training the NS Motorised Infantry battalions.

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