Sleepy Nights

I must say today was quite exciting. We had MATADOR Sub-Calibre and SAR21/M203-GL Grenade Launcher live firing at the SAFTI Live Range. A 6 click fast march was the prelude to the live range. The stroll there was beautiful, to the right the verdant green forest, to the left the azure blue waters of Tengah Reservoir.

We were the 4th detail to fire the MATADOR. A little trepidation there about the noise level. The backblast was REALLY loud, but the result – the round hitting dully against the target was an anti-climax to the shoot. Luckily, we had the Grenade Launcher to save the day – a hard recoil with a loud explosion. Anyway, I hope I get to shoot a real HEAT round one day, not that I want to get into Infantry Proterm.

To end off, SCS is turning into a LAN shop of sorts, what with DotA, Unreal Tournament and Pokémon ROMs lurking in the depths of the vnas_scs network drive. Which leads me to one gripe about my BMT company – they love their games so much that people who don’t play games are usually left out of conversations. Many of them are hardcore gamers, owning PS3s and PSPs and LANning on the LEARNet laptops, pwning each other and whatnot. The ‘rest of us’ have to content ourselves with discussing real personal stuff, topics with the human touch. But somehow I feel such interactions remain at a superficial level. And I get the belief that games are quite the social glue, if experiences are any guide. I might be wrong, but I find myself wanting to learn DotA just to break through the social barrier erected by my platoon mates.

Conformity. This is what life is all about.

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