Bad Weekend

This week sucks ttm. I lost my iPhone this morning. Really I’m like wtf. This a short gist of what happened… I withdrew some money as part of mum’s monthly allowance. I brought my iphone along to surf… I was listening to some song on Pandora and walking home, when I left my iPhone on the shoe rack to bring the slippers in. (hands were full you see and my pockets both got holes lolwtf)

This was 10am.

At 11.15am, my dad came back from JB. He didn’t see anything on the shoerack. GG.

And that’s the demise of my beloved iPhone 3G, which I originally bought for $180 from Li Yan, my JC classmate. ($20 discount for birthday lol)

A lesson learnt. Be more responsible. Though I believe more that in life, we gain some and lose some. This brings to mind last year where I picked up $150 on the floor. Lol, I thought those papers were adverts by illegal moneylenders (you know those CPF loan schemes?)

Okay, gotta sleep now. Tomorrow got MATADOR and M-203GL live firing.


Guess who appeared on ChannelNewsAsia? Nope, it’s not your truly. It’s my true love! Okay, what the hell haha. I need to get over her ><

[jwplayer mediaid=”483″]


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