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GIC Finance Day

The time of the year is here again! If you need help, contact me through the navigation menu… 😀 Remember GIC Finance Day leads to the “zomg-shit-I-want-that” GIC Global Scholarship.

Always glad to help :)))

On another note, I am in foundation term in SCS. So far, quite lepak but I haven’t found time to update my blog cos I got a new laptop. It has a Core-i7 2630QM with a NVIDIA GT 525M graphics card. So these past weeks, I have been prepping my laptop, installing all the software and downloading games such as Crysis and GTA IV.

My blog? I’ve relegated them to random point forms in my RedNotebook lol.

Anyway, it’s midnight now; hope my master don’t catch me awake. >< YAWNs.

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Hi Brian, read your post about GIC finance day…I just went through it. It was quite fun! The next round is the test round…Could you shed some light on what the tests are about? Thanks!

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