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A Less Thinking Me?

It seems that my blog, compared to yesteryears, is less wordy. More pictures, less well thought-out commentary. More emotion, less rational thought. Perhaps, in the army, I don’t feel an urge to express myself anymore. I had believed that the regimentation would be a stressful feature in BMT, and under stress, I use my blog as a creative outlet to destress.

Or perhaps I am just loathe to blog any more. The lack of time?

Argh, I can’t even shovel in coal to start up my train of thought >< I think I shall stop here today and prepare myself mentally for the BTP on Wednesday. YAWNS -o-

And rounding up this post are 2 pictures which resonate strongly with me (about the May 7 General Election): –

George Yeo steps down –

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