Tiny Wings

I have been playing the much-raved iPhone game Tiny Wings, but it isn’t really interesting. One of the much-touted features is procedural graphics, which mean the terrain is generated on-the-fly (although it does not seem to be the case for me)

Gameplay is absolutely boring. Trust me. Basically, when one of the objectives call for 200 stars, you try to go slow and collect as many stars as possible before dusk sets in, never mind the schizophrenic pace.

Also, the replay value needs working on too. You will not relish having to ‘restart’ from Island One. Simply put, there is no ‘pot of gold at the end of the rainbow’, no incentive for people to continue playing.

I wouldn’t say 99 cents isn’t worth it; Tiny Wings is just the game you will be playing for 2 nights, then promptly relegate it to a folder.

Tiny Wing for iPhone = Boring

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