Army Daze

I am suddenly reminded amidst the frenzy of forex trading, of the looming A level results day, by the various Facebook wall posts. And 1 day after that, BMT!

It’s kinda funny how all the guys at DSO all tell me various ways to down PES, so that I can lead a carefree 2 years in some air-conditioned 9 to 5 workplace. One suggested me to declare that I have depression. You will get a record forever, but it’s worth it, he enthuses. Another suggests that girl to break my leg, a painful albeit direct route to OOT or Out-of-Training. And the most common of all, get a specialist appointment to coincide with 2 or 3 weeks after BMT, and ostensibly, the MOs will be so scared to diagnose you that they will temporarily down PES you. That same person who mooted that idea boasted that he was supposed to stay as a clerk for a few weeks, but due to admin oversights common at Mindef, he got to spend most of his time there. And when it was time for him to recourse, 2 months was left.

Which is a joke. Really.

And I’m still twiddling my thumbs in anticipation of A level results, never mind which COY I am destined to spend my BMT in.

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