And I’m Back!

My blog went down in early February due to my host being such a prick and deleting all my files. And before you dare tell me if I had backups, I don’t. xD

Okay, I have my database backup file. But all the uploads I have made for the past few years are gone. Yuck. I’m have uploaded my previous blog over here, but with the lack of pictures, I think it’s such a bore. And no music when you go to the Jukebox section. 🙁

Aye, this incident reminds me of the importance of having backups. But lol who cares when money is not involved?

Anyway, NS is coming up soon so people who want the goodies to be uploaded have to wait hohoho. I still have backups. And I still have an innate disliking when I see the words Seng City Trading.

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